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Breakfast review….


I am working on one of my most popular crochet projects… It’s patriotic,,,, whimsical,,, unique… and a surprise… It is now half way finished!  In the next couple days I will be posting pictures,,, You won’t want to miss out…So check back often… Since the surprise project takes a little more work than usual… I wanted to post something today… So… A Breakfast Review

What and why a Breakfast Review??  Well, yesterday I was hanging out on Pinterest… I saw a recipe that I had been wanting to try… So I did!  And I think I’m in love!!!!  Simple, Yummy and easy to bring to work with me!!  Overnight Oatmeal… So click HERE to see all the recipes on Pintrest…  I used Betty Crocker’s Overnight Oatmeal Recipe with Chia Seeds… Click HERE to try this recipe!  I used Blueberry Low Fat Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Red’s Mill Quick Oats, Chia Seeds and I added a tad of Orange Juice… YUM…



These are Betty Crocker’s Examples…


wpid-IMG_20130613_094348_323-1.jpg    wpid-IMG_20130613_094655_283-1.jpg

And This Was My Breakfast This Morning!!!!


Don’t worry,,, Crochet is my first love,,, And I won’t veer off many times… I just love easy recipe’s, especially when they are healthy and portable!…


So here is to Breakfast Review…Surprise Crochet and Staying Healthy!



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