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Working on a Test Pattern…

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I have several projects I am working on currently… The cute Shell I shared a few days ago and a new True Colors Afghan for My Etsy Shop!  One of my favorite sites The Felted Button writes really cute patterns.. A couple days ago she put out a call for testers for her new pattern Crazy Good Mat that will be released soon…And I volunteered!  I started it last night and my sample has to be done by Sunday evening… I wasn’t sure if I could complete a whole mat in time,,, So I am making a a pillow topper instead,,, It looks so cute so far!!…  I will post my test picture when I am done!


felted button

This is her sample… Cute huh??


I am excited to make the full mat and will buy some yarn this weekend while I am in a town I can shop for yarn… I am trying to decide what color mat I want… Hmmmm…


So here is to Projects, Mat’s and Shopping For Yarn!




  1. Love that!

  2. I’m so excited to see what yours looks like! It’s so fun to see the color possibilities that others come up with! Thanks again for being willing to test!

  3. I love this pattern! I’m definitely going to watch out for the pattern!

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