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This Weeks Facebook Fan Favorite Free Crochet Pattern…

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Last week I started a new segment over on my Facebook Page… “Would you wear this? Would you make it? Tell me what you think… Here is the link to the free pattern if you like it…”


It has been so much fun for me!!! I have been scouting out great free patterns and posting one each day…  It’s like a crochet party everyday,,, I host and you get to join in the fun!!!  I love seeing which patterns my crochet friends are loving… Lots of likes, comments and sharing going on over at Beatrice Ryan Designs Facebook!!!

So,,, To keep the party fresh and fun… And for those of you who may not do Facebook,,, Each week I will tally up the numbers and Post the “Fan Favorite” right here on my blog… Each Wednesday you will get to see if your favorite made it into the top!  So don’t forget to join me on Facebook for the daily segment… Like, Comment and Share away… Let’s get the party started!!!!

The first week Fan Favorite is….

99-19 Jacket in ”Ice” by Drops Designs


Everyone seemed to think this was something they would make or wear!!!  Drops Design creates tons of great patterns,,, And most for free…   Here is the link to the pattern if you like it too!!!




Enjoy!!! And I hope you will join me on Facebook…Thanks for stopping by and sharing the Love of Crochet!




  1. Melinda gilliland :

    I love to crochet, but I do filet crochet with #10 thread. Do you have any patterns for wall hangings tablecloths etc. I would love to see those.

    • I have only done a few filet crochet pieces… I have made tons of doilies and table runners though… The best source that I use for finding free patterns is ravelry.com…I know there are tons of patterns for wall hangings there. My grandmother Beatrice Ryan was know for her thread crochet,,, I am so inspired to hear you love that type of crochet!

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