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Wednesday Facebook Fan Favorite… Week 36!!

Spring is in the air and we are all enjoying the outdoors a little more… If you are like me, I don’t seem to have quite as much time to crochet… My yard needs my attention and I love the extra daylight and time spent taking walks!!  I still try to fit in a couple of hours a day working on crochet projects and designing … I guess I am still addicted!!

This week’s Facebook Fan Favorite is one of the greatest basic Daily Free Pattern Finds I have found… It is a great set of Free Patterns for Double Crochet Beanies in multiple sizes!!  These beanies are a great base for the start of all your hat designs and can be embellished to make them your very own style!!  It is from my friend Rhondda at Oombawka Designs!!  Rhondda has tons of great patterns and a wealth of crochet information!!  Stop by her website and check all the great Crochet out!!!  Click Here for the Free Double Crochet Beanie Pattern!!SONY DSC


This weeks top Free Crochet Pattern Round Up Find is from another great friend… Sara at My Merry Messy Life… She put together a great Round Up of Headband Patterns...  Sara has an awesome website full of Crochet and Green/Natural Living ideas!!!  She also founded our Crochet For Cancer CAL we all just finished!!!  Stop by and see what Sara is up too!!!  Click Here for her Free Crochet Headband Pattern Round Up!headband-roundup


The top Beatrice Ryan Designs Post for the week is still the Amazing Grace Tote Bag!!  As a matter fact, it is the top post for this month also!!  I had the pleasure of going out-of-town with my youngest daughter to buy her Senior Prom Dress… While out and about, we stopped at a Natural Food Grocery Store… They were a Bring Your Own Bag Store… And I had my totes with me…I loved green one I made in acrylic for the fruits and veggies!! It was very stretchy and didn’t smash any of my produce… I was able to fit all of my produce purchase into the bag… It is much larger than it seems in the picture… and it popped right back into shape once I emptied it!!!  I hope you will give this tote a try!!  Click Here for the Amazing Grace Tote Bag Free Pattern!

Amazing Grace Tote


Happy Crocheting!!!


Great Granny Rounds Stool Cover… Free Pattern Review!

You know you are a Crochet Addict when you start to recover furniture with crochet….  I have two kitchen stools that have seen better days!!!  For quite some time, I have wanted to make stool covers for them or even paint them to make them look better!!  I am just a little to cheap to buy new fancy stools…

I finally had a free moment to start a new project…I do have several crochet projects going, but I wanted to make something I could make in one evening…  I just love the feeling of a finished project!!!  I walked in my kitchen for a cup of tea and saw my two sad stools,,, The were worn and plain…  I did a quick search on Ravelry for Crochet Granny Stool Covers and found a few…  I chose a great Free Crochet Pattern for a Granny Mandala by Crochet with Raymond…  They showed several ways to use this Mandala, one way was to cover a stool…  I am so glad I found this pattern… It was easy to read and fun to make!!!  I used my stash of yarn and made one cover in just a couple of hours!!  I finished the second one last night!!!  I am so happy with the results and my new crafty looking stools…


**Update**  I have had many questions about how I finished these off to fit… so here is what I did…

I Made the cover slightly shy of the size of the stool, then I made 3 rows without increasing. I then made one row without the chain 1 spaces to make it a bit smaller and then I Sc, Ch 2, Sk 2 around to make an area to lace through. I made a long chain and then weaved it through and tightened it up…




Granny Mandala Collage

Granny Mandala Stool Covers… By Crochet with Raymond… Click Here for the Free Pattern!

When my Granddaughter came over this morning.. She spotted them right away… She said the funniest thing… “Grandma, those look like targets I could use to shoot my bow and arrow”… I laughed to myself and agreed with her… She is 6,,, What a great mind!  What to you think… Would you make these for your kitchen??


Happy Crocheting!


The Crochet For Cancer CAL and Giveaway Countdown….

Are you considering joining in our amazing Charity Drive for Crochet for Cancer??  I hope you are!!!  The countdown is almost finished…  All packages must be postmarked no later than April 28th 2014 to be eligible for entry in the Red Heart Giveaway for the $125 Prize Package!!  And, by supporting this Charity Drive,,, you will be helping those who are suffering or recovering from Cancer!!!  For more details on how you can get the Free Crochet Patterns, Get to know the Crochet Bloggers who have put this together, Giveaway Rules and much more… Click Here!


Here are 4 of the hats I mailed off….

Amazing Grace Hats

Amazing Grace Hats… Free Pattern Available in my Pattern Tabs at the top of the page…


Cal     RH prize

Crochet For Cancer CAL & Giveaway!!!  Lots of Free Crochet Patterns Available!!


Happy Crocheting!! #CrochetForCancerCAL


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