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When Cancer Touches Your Life….

Many of you who have followed me over the last 16 months have come to know how Cancer has touched my life…  My Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series is dedicated to help those who are suffering and recovering from Cancer... In 2005 I received the sorrowful news my dearest friend had Breast Cancer.  She passed away at the age of 44 in December of 2007.  This was the hardest day I had faced.  I was blessed to spend a large amount of time with her during the 18 month battle.  This is what inspired me to help others suffering through cancer!

Amazing Grace Hat

In February of 2013 I decided to focus my passion for crochet in this blog.  In the beginning, I was just hoping to meet a few other crochet fanatics and have some fun… God had another plan!  Soon I decided to publish some of my own patterns and that led to my passion for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Amazing Grace Series… One of the best things that has happened through this process is meeting so many new friends and fellow crocheters!!  I am blessed each day by all of my new friends.. One of these friends started Crochet Blogging about the same time as me… And we have become truly great friends!!  I am so sure many of you know her too,,, Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio Hand Crafted Crochet Designs!  Kathy and I chat about crochet and life through out the week,,, Several months ago she had the great idea to start a Crochet Charity GroupELK Studio From the Heart… This was right up my ally!!  Each month the group donates Crochet Items to a designated charity… We have all been blessed by joining Kathy in her group!!

Today, Kathy has written a blog post about a letter she received from one of the recipients from the charity!!!  It is an amazing feeling to hear from someone who has received one of our items and sharing his experience… I hope you will take the time to hop over and read what Kathy has to say and read this great letter...  You can Click Here to read the post!!


If you are interested in joining our ELK Studio From the Heart Charity Group, I would absolutely love it!!!  You can email myself or Kathy!!!  It is simple to be a part and you can participate as much as you like…  I usually donate 4-10 items per month,,, Many others donate 1 item once in a while… So whatever you feel you can do is a true blessing!  My email is [email protected] and Kathy’s email is [email protected]

Crochet is my therapy!!!  Happy Crocheting!!!



  1. What a wonderful post Elena and speaks true to your heart. You are a great friend and enjoy walking down this crochet journey with you!’ Blessing to you!’

  2. I love to crochet, but just in April 14th I lost my husband to CLL. Lymphoma Lukemia . He got his from agent orange during the Vietnam War. I haven’t wanted to crochet. I know it would help me. I’ll get to it soon.
    Thanks for all of you.

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