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Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… Week 3 Featured Pattern!!

Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… Week 3 Featured Pattern!!

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Pay it forward and donate your crochet items to the Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive!!


We are starting week 3 of our Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive and what a perfect time it is to start crocheting and donating!!!  Once the weather begins to cool off and the kids are back in school, Crochet becomes a standard in many homes!!!

Only 6 weeks left to get your items mailed in for the big donation and chance at winning the prize package…  If you haven’t heard about the Amazing Grace Charity Drive… Here are a few of the details, (Full details and rules are on the Amazing Grace Charity Drive tab at the top of the page)

1. Make and mail in your Handmade Crochet Items between now and October 31st.

2. Each item collected during the designated time-frame will be eligible and receive an entry for the prize package.

3. Items must be mailed into Beatrice Ryan Designs by the designated date to be eligible for prize package.

4. All items received will be photographed and mailed in a bulk package to Crochet For Cancer for their charity and distribution.

5. Follow the specific guidelines for making items you are donated for the safety and comfort of the recipients.

Amazing Grace Prize Package Giveaway

This is the Fun Prize Package you could win!!!

The goal is to donate 250+ items !!  So please get your hooks and yarn out and have some fun paying it forward!


Weekly Featured Amazing Grace Pattern

The Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl…  This is the 3rd pattern in the Amazing Grace Series and one of the top viewed patterns on my site…  Perfect for covering the shoulders of someone who is suffering or recovering from cancer with warmth and prayers!

Amazing Grace Shawl Collage

Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl

This pattern is near and dear to me… When Sandy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I made a Prayer Blanket in this color and a similar pattern. She kept the blanket with her all the time and snuggled in it when she was receiving chemo and having her surgeries…  When I decided to write a new pattern, I decided to make this Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl in pink to honor Breast Cancer Awareness!!    I hope you will make a few to donate and maybe even one for yourself.

There are 10 Amazing Grace Patterns to choose from and more to come very soon!!!

Amazing Grace Collage

Happy Crocheting!!


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