Crochet with Me!! Winter 2017 CAL… Material List

Crochet with Me!! Winter 2017 CAL… Material List

Crochet with Me!! Winter 2017 CAL… Material List

Crochet with Me... Winter 2017 CAL.. Material List

I am so excited this year to present you with my 4th Crochet with Me… Winter 2017 CAL!!!!  This is a mystery afghan and to see prior years click on the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the site!!

You may be new to Crochet Alongs… So here is how it will work…

There is no need to join ~ But if you like to get it in your emails, you will see a box in the right hand sidebar ~Stay connected…. Enter your email and click on the “Subscribe Now” .. then you will receive the post by email…  I will be posting a section of the pattern once a week,,, Or you can tune in each Monday on my website!!We all make it and in about 12 weeks we will all have beautiful afghans!!

You will need approximately 3500 yards of worsted weight yarn. You can use as many colors as you like, but I suggest 4-6 colors.  We will be using an I hook..  That’s it for materials!!!!

This year I have a couple of surprises!!

I will be using Red Heart Yarns ~ With Love in White, Hot Pink, Blue Hawaii, Jadeite, Papaya and Aubergine!!

Red Heart Yarns has been kind enough to give all my fans doing the CAL a 15% discount on their website for their purchase… WOW.. Thank you Red Heart!!!  All you need to do is head to red and enter LOVECAL15 then you will receive 15%  off orders of E400 With Love between January 16 and January 31.


Another great bonus of joining the Crochet with Me.. Winter 2017 CAL… This year we have a Facebook group dedicated to making our mystery afghan!!!  It will be a place to post progress pics, ask questions and have a ton of fun.. I hope you will join in!!  Just Click Here and head over to Facebook… then Click the Join button and we will get you added!! Since I work a day job(lol) it may take a bit for me to catch all the approvals… But I would love to have a ton of us join!!

One more great thing…..

Red Heart Yarns is sponsoring a lovely yarn Giveaway worth $50...  By participating in the CAL and finishing your afghan in the allotted time… You will be eligible for the giveaway.. More details on the rules to come!!

$50 prize pack August 2016

Yarn colors for final package may vary. Included will be

  • 1 ball Gleam
  • 1 ball Irresistible
  • 1 ball Unforgettable Waves
  • 1 ball Sweet
  • 1 ball Fashion Soft
  • 1 ball Strata
  • 1 ball Scrubby Sparkle
  • 1 ball Chunky Soft

I am so excited to get started… So grab your yarn and hooks and join me next Monday for Week 1 Instructions!!

Spread the word… The more the merrier!!

Also stay connected on





Happy Crocheting!!



Winterberry Warm-up Cowl… New Free Crochet Pattern!!

Winterberry Warm-up Cowl… New Free Crochet Pattern!!

Winterberry Warm-up Cowl

Winterberry Warm-Up Cowl... Free Crochet Pattern

For easy access, save this free crochet pattern to your Ravelry favorites… Click Here!!

This lovely crochet cowl design is soft, fashionable and can be worn in several ways… Pull it over your head to be worn as a contemporary cowl, Down over your shoulders to keep the chill off, As a hooded wrap to keep you warm and dry… However you wear it, the Winterberry Warm-up Cowl will keep you in style!!

The self-striping yarn makes this design easy to whip up with just one cake of Caron Cakes…  A two row repeat allows for that project your can work on anywhere!!  I hope you enjoy my latest design!!


Yarn ~ 380 yards worsted weight yarn. Caron Cakes Yarn in Red Velvet was used for this project.

Hook ~ I hook


St ~ Stitch     Sl St ~ Slip Stitch     Sk ~ Skip     Ch ~ Chain     Sc ~ Single Crochet      Dc ~ Double Crochet    Cl ~ Cluster

Cluster Stitch: Yo, insert in designated stitch, draw up loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, yo, insert hook in same st and draw up loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, yo, draw through 3 loops on hook. (yo – yarn over)


46″ Around x 24″ Top to Bottom


12 Dc x 6 Rows = 4″ x 4″


104 Foundation Sc –Click here for tutorial or ch 105, turn and sc in each ch = 104

Join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1:  Ch 1, * sc in st, ch 2, sk st, cl in next st, ch 2, sk st*, repeat *to* around. Join with sl st to beginning sc. = 26 clusters, 26 sc & 52 clusters

Round 2: Sl st in next 2 csh, sl st in top of next cluster st, ch 1, *sc in next cluster, ch 5*, repeat *to* around, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 26 ch 5 & 25 sc

Round 3:  Sl st in next 2 ch’s , sc in same ch 5 sp, ch 2, *cl in next sc, ch 2, sc in center of next ch 5 sp, ch 2*, repeat *to* around, join with sl st to beginning sc. = 26 clusters, 26 sc & 52 ch 2 sps

Round 4-44: Repeat rounds 2 & 3.

Finish off and weave in ends of yarn.

Congratulations, you now have a Winterberry Warm-up Cowl!!!

Make sure to share your finished projects on my Facebook page!!

Happy Crocheting!!


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Crochet with Me… Winter 2017 CAL!!  Coming Soon…

Crochet with Me… Winter 2017 CAL!! Coming Soon…

If you have joined me the last 3 years for the Crochet With Me,,, Crochet Alongs…  This year will be just as amazing…

If this is your first year… We will be making our 2017 CAL Surprise Design Afghan starting in just a couple of weeks!!


Stay turned for the schedule and materials list in the next couple of weeks and this year I have some great surprises for you… There will be a Giveaway sponsored by Red Heart Yarns and for all of my fans participating… A special discount code for your yarn at Red Heart Yarns too!!

I can’t wait to get started!!

Happy Crocheting!!



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