Sands of Time Scarf…

Sands of Time Scarf…

To celebrate my 2 year Blogversary… I created this fun and easy to make crochet scarf!!!  Using self-striping yarn and working with an easy stitch pattern to achieve a rolling effect,,, The Sands of Time Scarf is elegant and  fashionable all year-long!!  It is light-weight enough for spring, but warm enough to keep you warm on a chilly winters day!!

Sands of Time Scarf

Sands of Time Scarf

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Worsted Weight ~ Self-Striping Yarn 425 yards

Pictured above using Red Heart Unforgettable in Cappuccino. 1 1/2 skeins used
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Hook ~ I

2 Large Beads (optional) for top of Tassle




St ~ Stitch     Ch ~ Chain     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Hdc ~ Half Double Crochet



You will be increasing  at one end of the scarf and Decreasing at the opposite end to get this fun bias roll effect.

To make this scarf wider, thinner, more or less bulky you can adjust your beginning chain to any width you desire

To make the scarf shorter or longer you can adjust the finished row amount

You will be working in Back Loops for every row



From tip to tip not including the tassels ~ length  85″  and the width when laid flat  7″


Ch 46

Row 1: Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and each across. = 45 Sc

Work in Back Loops in every row

Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as Hdc now and throughout), Turn, Hdc in the same St as the beginning Ch(This will make an increase), Hdc in the next 43 Sts. Leaving the last St unworked(this will make the decrease. 45 Hdc

Row 3:  Turn, Sl St in first 2 Sts (Make sure to get the very 1st St, these 2 Sl Sts are the decrease), Ch 1, Sc in same St as 2nd Sl St, Sc in next 42 Sts, 2 Sc in the  last St (this will be in the top of the Ch 2 from the prev row, this is an increase). = 45 Sc

Continue working Rows 2 &  3 until your scarf reaches the desired length. I did a total of 117 rows and ended with a Sc row.  Finish off.

Add a tassel to each end if desired.

Here is a quick tutorial on How to Make a Tassel out of yarn…  Tassel Making

I added a fun bead to the top of my tassel for fun!



And of course… Charlie wouldn’t miss his chance to get in on the action while I was doing the photo shoot… He loves a celebration and  pictures..

Charlie and Sands of Time


Thank you all for hanging out with me and joining in the fun over the last 2 years!!

Happy Crocheting!!


Photo Bomb Charlie and Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl…

Yesterday was the release of my Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl…. I had so much fun making it and thinking how it would bless someone’s shoulder’s when they are suffering or recovering from Breast Cancer.. or any Cancer…   When I finished it up and went outside to start the photo process… My trusted dog Charlie came with me… Just like he always does!


I set the prop up with the prayer shawl… And began to test lighting…  As usual Charlie wanted in on the action!  I (as always) told him to move out-of-the-way… and made sure he understood not to be in the pictures…Hmmmm




He is sneaky…I laughed once I saw the picture…But I wasn’t surprised!  He is 80 pounds of Boxer joy and wanted to help in his own way… Maybe he was trying to tell me the lighting was a little off… I hope this brings you a little laugh today…


If you haven’t seen the Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series, it is available in the pattern tab above… It is all about Breast Cancer Awareness and helping in any way I can!



Day 7 Knit & Crochet Blog Week – 4KCBWDAY7


Today is the last day of the Knit & Crochet Blog Week Challenge… I can’t believe I was able to post all 7 days!  It has been fun and I hope you enjoyed it too!  Our last assignment,,, Day 7,,, Is to talk about “Where we would like to be 1 year from now with our Crafting”…

I have already stretched myself this year by opening my blog and life up to all the world with my crochet… It has been a great experience so far…  But, my main goal in the next few months is to get my Etsy Store up and going… It isn’t so much the work it will take to get the store open,, Its more having enough crochet products  available…  Thanks to  my friends at our local store Alpine Originals, I sell many pieces each month there… So I will have to step up my game and get some things going for online sales… Who knows, all this crocheting could work into a full-time job at the rate I am going…


Since my topic for the last day is asking about the future, I didn’t have any pictures to post to go with the subject,,,, So, I though I would show you a few pictures from my life… Hope you enjoy!


.wpid-20130428_145814_LLS.jpg      wpid-20130428_150147.jpg       wpid-20130428_150221.jpg

Our 5 baby Kittens,,, They all have home to go to!!!           Charlie asking me to go for a walk,,,            The trees finally starting to bud out!


wpid-20130428_152422.jpg     wpid-20130428_150301_LLS.jpg     wpid-20130428_152917.jpg

The apple trees in bloom,,,                           Early bloomers in the yard…                              Daffodils Charlie and I found on our walk…


wpid-20130428_152242.jpg        wpid-20130428_151813.jpg     wpid-20130428_182057_LLS.jpg

Great Mt. Shasta View on the walk!                  And the rushing stream….                         And finally home, a much-needed drink of water!


wpid-20130428_182015_LLS.jpg     wpid-20130428_182006_LLS.jpg     wpid-20130428_182034_LLS.jpg

I cleaned out the first flowerbed…                  Planted my first spring planterbox…             The hubby mowed the lawn…


wpid-20130428_182224_LLS.jpg     wpid-20130428_185415_LLS.jpg

Stopped to make some tea….                         And finally… Dinner!


Also, this morning I attended a great sermon at church and an all church barbeque… It was so fun and great to have some time to visit with all my friends!  But, unfortunately I don’t have pictures to share…


So here is to What is in the future, My daily life and hanging out with my friends at Church!  Now it’s off to Crochet,,, Can’t Wait!!!



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