Block Party Infinity Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!

Block Party Infinity Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!

Block Party Infinity Scarf

Block Party Infinity Scarf

The Block Party Infinity Scarf is fun and fashionable!!!  Made up of the “Block Stitch” and a shimmery yarn, this accessory will dress up any party outfit while keeping the chill off your neck and shoulders…

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8″ x 51″


Hook ~ H

Yarn ~Worsted Weight ~  Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn *Color A ~ 200 Yards Black Sparkle and *Color B ~100 Yards Fuchsia Sparkle

Scissors and Yarn Needle


Ch ~ Chain     Sp ~ Space     Sk ~ Skip     St ~ Stitch     Sl St ~ Slip Stitch     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet


You will be alternating rows with Color A and Color B.

You will be working in the round


Color A 

Chain 180

Row 1:  Join to beginning of the chain to form a ring, Being very careful not to twist  the chain. Ch 1, Sc around, Join with Sl St to beginning. = 180 Sc

Color B

Row 2:  Join with Sl St to any Sc. Ch 1, Sc in the same st, * Ch 2, Sk 2 Sts, Sc in the next St*. Repeat * * Around. = 60 Sc and 60 Ch 2 spaces

Color A

Row 3:  Join with Sl St in any Ch 2 Space.  Ch 3(Counts as a Dc now and throughout) and 2 Dcs in same Ch 2 Space, Ch 1,* Sk next Sc, 3 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp, Ch 1*. Repeat * * Around. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 60 (3 Dc Shells) and 60 Ch 1 Sps.

Color B

Row 4:  Join with Sl St to any Ch 1 Sp. Ch 1, Sc in same St as joining, *Ch 2, Sk next 3 Sts, Sc in next Ch 1 Sp*. Repeat * * Around. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 60 Ch 2 Sps and 60 Sc

Continuing to alternate your colors~

Rows 5 ~ 19: Repeat Rows 3 & 4 Seven more times. Then repeat Row 3 once more.

Finish off and weave in your ends

block party infinity scarf block party infinity scarf block party infinity scarf



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Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… Week 6 Featured Pattern!

Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… Week 6 Featured Pattern!

Amazing Grace Prize Package Giveaway

Only a couple more weeks to finish off our charity drive!!  I have received many great donations already,,, And hope to see more packages rolling in before the deadline of October 31st…  Once all the packages have been received,,, I will be delivering them all to Crochet for Cancer!  With the Winter months upon us, there will be a large need for soft, cozy hats for those who are suffering and recovering from cancer… And now is the time you can make a difference!!

You also can be eligible for the Fantastic Prize Package by getting your donation in by the deadline!!  Even 1 hat makes a difference, So please consider paying it forward by using a free crochet pattern and making a hat, scarf, cowl or any great item you think would help someone  stay warm and give them some comfort during their time of need!!

For all the rules and information to participate in this great charity drive… Click on the Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive tab at the top of the page!!  Lets Make A Difference!!!


Amazing Grace Weekly Featured Pattern!!

Amazing Grace Tote

Amazing Grace Tote Bag

When I designed this Free Pattern, I was picturing this bag to be given to a patient for their chemo appointments… They could fill it with a light weight blanket, book, crocheting or any items they need to help them pass the time while receiving their treatment. It is a fun and simple project and could brighten the day of someone suffering or recovering from cancer!!

To make this fun tote bag… Click Here!!  Let me know what you think!



Yes I  do!!  I love yarn and today we are celebrating it!!  I am going to start my next Amazing Grace Design… This pattern I will be starting today will be for the Grand Finale of the Charity Drive!!  You are going to love this new pattern,,, It is feminine, soft, and fashionable!!  I can’t wait to show you… So stay tuned!!

There are lots of great Sales on yarn today so don’t miss out!!

One of my favorites is a sale at Mary Maxim…   Bernet Satin yarn is on sale for $1.99

Click here to check out this great deal… Bernat Satin Yarn

Bernat Satin Yarn

*This is an affiliate link and I may be compensated for purchases made by clicking this link

Have fun and do something great with yarn today!!  Happy I Love Yarn Day!!

What will you be making??  Leave a comment, I would love to hear!!




Crochet With Me… Weekly Crochet~A~Long Week 2!

Crochet With Me… Weekly Crochet~A~Long Week 2!

Week 2 of our first Crochet With Me project…  Vintage Ripple Fan Afghan!  It’s not to late to join in and Crochet With Me!!  Week 1’s assignment was to choose your yarn and make the first 2 rows…


Vintage Ripple Fan Afghan by A  Creative Being… Pattern available at A Creative Being!! 


So far her is what my first 2 rows look like…1 2

And… One of our Crochet With Me participants emailed me her picture of week 1… Love it!!


Amazing work… This is a really fun afghan and once you get the swing of it… It’s  a pattern that can be worked with out having to re-read every row and you can just sit and relax and get crocheting!!

Week 2 Crochet With Me assignment…

This week complete 3 color segments… As you can see above, there are two color segments already done… And at the end of this week you should have 5 total color segments complete!!

Get started if you want to join in or keep up the good work if you already started…

Email your pictures for next weeks Crochet with Me segment!!  [email protected]!!!

To stay on track you can view all the weekly assignments as the become available by clicking on the Crochet With Me tab at the top of the page!!

Happy Crocheting!!


Winter’s Edge Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!!

Winter’s Edge Scarf… Free Crochet Pattern!!

Winters Edge Scarf

This soft, simple scarf is perfect to dress up your winter wardrobe!!  You may wonder about the name… Winter’s Edge is the season when the air changes and your feel the cool edge setting in!  I hope you enjoy making this project… And best of all, it can be completed in one weekend!!  

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Yarn ~ DK weight yarn (size 3 light)  or Sport weight yarn(size 2 fine) total 475 yards   ~ Pictured is yarn by James C Brett in Aria, color Z5… This is an Acrylic, Wool, Mohair Blend with Sequins, I felt like this was between a size 2 & 3 due to the fuzziness and sequins

Hook ~ G


Finished Measurement:

66″ x 8″ After lightly steam blocking


Sk ~ Skip     Sts ~ Stitches     Ch  ~ Chain     Sl St ~ Slip Stitch     Sc ~ Single Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet

Winters Edge Scarf


Ch 41

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and each across.  =40 Sc

Row 2:  Ch 3 (counts as Dc now and throughout), Turn, *Sk next 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Sk 3 Sts, Dc in next st, Dc in previous 3rd Sk  St (This will form an X St pattern), Sk St, Dc in next St, Dc in previous Sk St(forms 2nd X St), Sk St, Dc in next St, Dc in previous Sk St(forms 3rd X St)* Repeat * * 2 more times, Sk 2 Sts, 5 Dc in next St, Sk 2 Sts, Dc in last St. = 4 (5 Dc Shells), 9 X Sts and 2 Dcs. 40 Sts total

Rows 3-97:  Repeat Row 2

Row 98:  Ch 1 Turn, Sc across. = 40 Sc


Row 1:  Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St, *Ch 3, Sk 2 Sts, Sc in next St*. Repeat * * Across. = 13 Ch 2 Spaces

Row 2:  Ch 1, Turn, Sc in 1st St, *(2 Sc, Ch 3, 2 Sc) all in the next Ch 3 space*. Repeat Across, Sc in the last St. = 13 (2Sc, Ch 3, 2 Sc) repeats and  2 Sc.

Finish Off.

Repeat on the opposite end.

Congratulations!  You are ready to wear your Scarf!!

You can lightly steam block or wet block your scarf to enhance the stitches and help the scarf shape into the right size.

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns, but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

Happy Crocheting!!


Crochet with Me!!  Brand new weekly crochet segment…

Crochet with Me!! Brand new weekly crochet segment…

Crochet with Me

Join me each week  for my new segment.. Crochet with Me!!

How would you like to hang out with a group of girlfriends and make fun, fabulous afghans??  You have found the right place!!  Every couple of months I will pick a fun afghan to make… I will post the link to the free pattern by a great designer and we will get hookin’!!   Each week I will assign a few rows to complete by our next segment,,, Yep.. You guessed it~ This is a Crochet Along!

I will post a new “Crochet with Me” segment each week to show my progress with the featured afghan…  I will talk about the pattern, the designer, the yarn and stitches used in the  project… For those of you who join me on this fun adventure… You can email me you progress photos and I will include your photos in the segment too!!

Are you ready to Crochet with Me??  Let’s get started!!

For our first project I have chosen an afghan I have been wanting to make for years… The Vintage Fan Ripple Afghan!


Vintage Fan Ripple Afghan…

 Photo is  from ~ A Creative Being’s version of this great afghan…


This pattern has been around forever, You can find several patterns for this around the web!  I have chosen to use the pattern and tutorial that was provided by Wink over at A Creative Being!!  She has a great eye for color and her photo tutorial is wonderful too!! So… Let’s get started!!  Here is what you will need to get started…

Head over to A Creative Being’s website to grab the instructions… and make sure you say hi while you are there!! Click Here for the pattern…

Next… Gather your supplies… Yarn, hook and other crochet necessities!

Then… Get Hookin’!!

Weekly Row Assignment…  Choose how large you would like your afghan to be and Complete 2 color segments… She has this listed in steps instead of rows… So it will be step one, then repeat step 2-5 twice for two color sections… Each section of color is a repeat of steps 2-5!

I cant wait to see how we do with our first couple rows… Make sure to email me you pictures for next weeks Crochet with Me segment!!



Here is the yarn I have chosen… It is Red Heart Yarn… I am sooooo excited to see how this turns out!!

Happy Crocheting… See you next week for Crochet with Me!!


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