It’ A Flash Free Pattern Giveaway Blog Hop~8 Great Crochet Designers!!

It’ A Flash Free Pattern Giveaway Blog Hop~8 Great Crochet Designers!!


It’s a special day here at Beatrice Ryan Designs…  I am participating in the Flash Free Pattern Giveaway Blog Hop with 8 of my favorite crochet designers….





You may wonder what we’re up too,,, Today, for 24 hours only (until 10:00am pst Sept. 2, 2015) 8 fabulous designers are giving away free patterns!! You can see each pattern that is free for today only in the picture above…

  • Moogly 
  • Cre8tion Crochet
  • ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs
  • Simply Collectible
  • Jessie at Home
  • Kim Guzman
  • Andee Graves/M2H Designs 
  • Beatrice Ryan Designs

Like most of you know, here at Beatrice Ryan Designs all of my patterns are free.  But, many of the designers participating are giving away one of their paid patterns for today only for FREE!!!  All you need to do is follow our circle of the Flash Free Pattern Giveaway Blog Hop to get all 8 patterns for free… Each designer will give you a code to get their individual free pattern… Then, At the bottom of each designers post there will be a link to the next designer,,, So don’t miss any of them!

Today, the pattern I am featuring for the Blog Hop is my Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy Beanie!!  Yes, you can come back anytime and get it for free no code required. But today we are providing this special treat so you get to know us all and get something for yourselves!! By visiting my site and sticking around browsing you allow me to continue to provide free patterns…  Click Here to get my Amazing Grace Blissful Slouch Beanie Pattern…

And you can add it to your Ravery favorites for later!!  Click Here!!

Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy


If you are just getting to know me,,, My Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series is all dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness… You can read more about my mission at the Amazing Grace Free Patterns tab at the top of the page!! Also, please head to my Free Pattern tab at the top of the page to see all of my Free Patterns!!,,


Now, On to the next awesome designer in the Flash Free Pattern Giveaway… My good friend Tamara Kelly from Moogly!!  Not only is she an amazing designer and blogger,  but she is a very sweet friend too!!

Head over to Moogly now to get your next free pattern!!  Click Here….

**Please note: You are very welcome and encouraged to share the link to this post with your friends on social media and message boards! My pattern does not require a code, But please do NOT share the coupon codes from any designer themselves. It’s the visitors to our blogs that allow us to make these patterns free today, so click, share the blog link (there are handy buttons for this at the very bottom of the post!), and enjoy! Thanks so much for your help and cooperation. **

Crochet With Me… Winter 2015 CAL!!  Week 6

Crochet With Me… Winter 2015 CAL!! Week 6

Crochet with Me… Week 6!  This crochet afghan is really taking shape…

How are you coming along with your progress??  Now that we are over half way done… we are heading back the other way!!  Easy and  fun,,, Week 6 is back to making a previous strip!!  Are you ready??  I am and I am having a blast!!  I can’t wait to put this all together in the next few weeks and cozy up under my brand new Retro Afghan!!



Winter CAL Week 6 Impeccable

Week 6 in Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn…


winter CAL week 6 Unfortgettable

Week 6 in Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn….

Now for week 6 instructions!!  You should be able to whip through this week and snap some pictures to share this Wednesday over on our Show and Tell… Share at 6pm PST on our Facebook Show and Tell post!!


Week 6 Striped Strip:

*If working in Traditional  Color Changing Method, you can change colors as desired. You can use my picture as a reference.

*If working with Self Striping yarn, Let the yarn just do the work for you!!

Tip… When you initially start this strip it may seem shorter that your other strips.  Don’t worry… Crochet grows!  When you get all the rows done and your lay it out… it will be approx. the same length and width. You can block it if necessary.

Ch 145

Row 1: Dc in 3rd Ch from Hook(Counts as DC) and each Chain across. = 143 Dc

Row 2: Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), Turn, Dc in each St across. = 143 Dc

Row 3-9: Repeat Row 2

Finish off.

Now your are done with Week 6 Striped Strip!!!  Easy!!


Happy Crocheting!!


Crochet With Me.. Winter 2015 CAL!!  Week 5

Crochet With Me.. Winter 2015 CAL!! Week 5

Come and Crochet with Me!!!  I hope you are enjoying this unique afghan Crochet A Long!!  It’s Retro, Fun and Easy to make, so if you are just joining in… No Problem!

We are now on week 5 and about half way done…  This week we are working on the middle strip and  in the next few weeks, we will be finishing up and getting the edging done!!  Are you ready to see what it looks like??  Let’s get started!


Crochet with Me… Week 5

Week 5 CAL Impeccable Collage

Here is my Progress Picture using Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn…


Week 5 CAL Unforgettable Collage

Here is my Progress Picture using Red Heart Unforgettable…


So are you now ready for this weeks assignment??

This week it is very simple (once again)!  We will be working a Color Block Strip!!  Below I will give you the stitch counts and color tips…

Week 5 Assignment and Instructions:


If you are using Traditional Color Changes you will divide the total rows by how many colors you are working with and that will give you the a good idea of how many rows to make in each color… But you can change as often as you like to make your middle strip unique!

If you are using Self-Striping yarn… No Worries!!  Let the yarn do the work for you!!

Strip measures approx. 10″ wide(yes, wider than the previous strips)  and you will work the length of your previous strips… Approx 115 Rows

Remember… Your strip will grow with the weight of the finished strip… So the first half of the strip may seem a little short, but it will be fine when you are done. You can add or subtract a couple of rows if needed at the end.


Using an I hook (or the hook you have been using), Chain 31.

Row 1:  Hdc in the 3rd Ch from hook and each Ch across. = 30 Hdc

Row 2:  Ch 2(counts as Hdc now and throughout), Turn, Hdc in each St across. = 30 Hdc

Row 3- 115:  Repeat Row 2

Finish Off.


Yay.!!!!  Week 5 is done!!  I hope you have loved this and now you can see how this afghan is all fitting together!!

Don’t forget…. Wednesday evening 6pm PST is our Facebook Show and Tell… Post your pictures and lets chat about this CAL!!  See you then!!

Happy Crocheting!!




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