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Monday Makings…

I have a large stack of WIP’s… What about you??  The majority of them are crochet projects that I fully intend to finish!!!  But this week, my daughter asked me if I could Knit (yes Knit) a hat for her friend’s birthday,,, And she would by the yarn… How can you say no to that??  Well I guess if you didn’t know how to knit you would say no…lol.

So, She brought the yarn home… A gorgeous skein from Cascade Yarns Eco Duo line… It was a Alpacha/Merino Wool blend.. undyed. I don’t knit often, but I can do the basics… So I had her show me a picture of what type of beanie she wanted, and I dug out my knitting needles(well found them in my knitting drawer)!  Then the fun began…  I was nervous, I wanted it to turn out just as she wanted and also,,, not ruin the great yarn she bought…  When you are making something for someone else’s vision,,, It is always a little scary!

Finally a few hours later… The hat was complete!! Yay,,, But I was worried it wasn’t what she had pictured,,, I thought it may be a little more slouchy than she wanted…  When she arrived home later that evening I showed it to her and she was very happy… I was greatly relieved!!!  So here it is,,, One of my few knitted projects…



Back to crocheting…  Do you hear a sigh of relief??  I am so much faster and proficient with crochet, it is really my craft of choice!!  But after knitting this hat,,,I thought… Hmmm maybe I will try a little more knitting in the future!


This week I also completed Week 8 of the Crochet-A-Long… We are nearing the end… The edging will be started in the next week or so… I am really happy with the afghan so far!  All the pictures on Facebook Show and Tell have been really great… If you have time,, hop over to last Friday’s Show and Tell and check them out!!


week 8


Week 8 grass



Charlie could hardly sit still for this picture… All he wanted to do was bounce all over the yard!!

Happy Crocheting!!!




Weekend WIP’s and Free Crochet Pattern Review!!! What’s on your hook?? Let’s Chat….


Saturday night and time to crochet!!!!  Last night I started a whirlwind of crocheting… I have a charity donation coming up to send off some hats to… So I thought it was time to get “Hookin“!!  I looked over some of the Free Crochet Patterns I hosted over on my Facebook daily segment “Would you wear it, Would you make it?? Tell me what you think…”  I found 3 patterns that I really wanted to try!!!

I made 4 great hats in the last 24 hours… 3 of them from that segment!!!  So here we go… A Saturday Night Free Crochet Pattern Review!!

The first hat is from my great friend Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs…  This is her Inspired by Taylor Beret/Tam Hat Pattern…  It was the easiest to make of the three patterns.  Her directions are clear and simple,,, And she uses very basic crochet stitches to make this cute hat! I was able to crochet this hat while watching a movie and not look at the pattern to many times… voila… easy!~ If you like Beret Style Hats… This one is for you!!  Click here for the Free Crochet Pattern!~



Inspired by Taylor Beret/Tam by ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs


The second hat was the most interesting to make…  It is the Mariposas Beanie by “e” Lee over at the Crochet Lounge…  This was a fun Bright Purple Hat!  The reason I say “The most interesting to make” was due to the stitches and the crochet terminology she used…  She goes out of her way to have a full description of every stitch used and explains it perfectly!  She uses the standing DC, Foundation SC, Chainless Start DC and much more!  If you havent used these stitches before… This pattern was well written with tutorials on these stitches and it will boost your skills to the next level!!  To get this Free Crochet Pattern Click Here!



Mariposas Beanie by “e” Lee at The Crochet Lounge


The third hat is the hat that falls into “My Style”… This definitely is a hat I would wear and I think I may be making another one to keep!  The pattern is written in Italian… But also has a graph and English directions! I am not clear if they wrote this pattern or translated it from another site…  The pattern is made of basic stitches and was very easy for an intermediate crocheter!  The only problem I ran into was… They left out the directions for rows 11-14… It was simple for me to figure out by looking at the hat that we were just going to repeat the 9 & 10 two more times and then continue to the directions for rows 15-20… The nice thing about this hat was… It turned out exactly like the picture and I love it!!  If you want to make this hat don’t shy away because of the multi language  directions… The English version is typed in red and easy to see… and if you remember to repeat rows 9 & 10 for the missing directions you will have no problem if you are a beginner!  Click Here for the Free Crochet Pattern!





The fourth and final hat was not from a pattern… I had some cool yarn I wanted to make a simple beanie with.. I added a Twisted Stitch row around the center… It was easy and fun to make and my daughter loved this yarn and wants me to make her something out of it!!



Simple Beanie,,, no pattern…


I hope you enjoyed this Free Pattern Review!!  Let me know what you are working on this weekend!!  Let’s Chat…



Amazing Grace Hat-Free Pattern

Amazing Grace Hat-Free Pattern

Amazing Grace Hat ~ Free Pattern

Click Here to add this fun pattern to your Raverly queue and favorites!!!

   Amazing Grace Free Hat Pattern       Amazing Grace Free Hat Pattern      Amazing Grace Free Hat Pattern

Amazing Grace Hat was designed as a Charity Crochet Hat Free Pattern.  In honor Breast Cancer Awareness.



Worsted Weight Yarn 160 yards. (Full Skein is 315 yards)

Shop for your yarn needs at Michaels Craft Store Online!! Affiliate Link

Hook Size: H

Gage:  8 HDC x 5 Rows = 2″ x 2″

Level:   Easy


St – Stitch     Sl St – Slip Stitch    Ch – Chain     Sc – Single Crochet     HDC – Half Double Crochet     DC – Double Crochet

Reverse Sc(Work a single crochet in the opposite direction,,, working in stitches to the right instead of to the left)

* Pattern will be worked in the round unless otherwise noted.


Begin with a Magic Circle (Video Instructions)

Row 1:  Ch 1 (Does not count as 1st St now and through out), 10 HDC in Magic Ring.  Tighten Ring by pulling on loose tail.  Join with Sl St to  top of 1st HDC. = 10 HDC

Row 2:  Ch 1, 2 HDC in 1st St and 2 HDC in each St around, Join to top of 1st HDC. = 20 HDC

Row 3:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, Hdc in next St,* Around.  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 30 Hdc

Row 4:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 2 Sts.* Around.  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC.  = 40 HDC

Row 5:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 3 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 50 HDC

Row 6:  Ch 1, 1 HDC in each St Around Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. =50 HDC

Row 7:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 4 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 60 HDC

Row 8:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 9 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 66 HDC

Row 9:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 10 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. =72 HDC

Row 10: Ch 1, Sc in 1st St, Ch 2, Sc in same St, Skip 2 Sts, *Sc in Next St, Ch 2, Sc in same St, Skip next 2 Sts* Around. Join to 1st Sc. = 24 Ch 2 Sp

Row 11:  Sl St in 1st Ch 2 Sp, Ch 3, (counts as 1st Dc now and throughout), 2 Dc in same Sp, *3 Dc in next Ch 2 sp (Shell Made)* Around. Sl st to top of Ch 3. = 24 Dc Shells

Row 12:  Sl St in next Dc (Center Dc of Shell St), Ch 1,* Sc, Ch 2, Sc -All in same St, Skip 2 Dc* Repeat Around, Sl St to the 1st Sc = 24 Ch 2 Sp

Rows 13 – 16: Repeat rows 11 & 12

Row 17:  Repeat Row 11

Row 18:  Ch 1, HDC in 1st St and Each St Around, Decreasing 6 times evenly, Join with Sl St to 1st HDC, Turn . =66 HDC

Row 19:  Ch 1 Sc in 1st St and Each St around, Decreasing 3 times evenly, Join with Sl St to 1st Sc, Turn. = 63 Sc

Row 20:   Ch 1 Sc in 1st St and Each St around, Decreasing 3 times evenly, Join with Sl St to 1st Sc, Do Not Turn. = 60 Sc

Row 21:   Ch 1 Reverse Sc in 1st St and Each St around,  Join with Sl St to 1st Rev Sc. = 60 Sc

Weave in ends.

©Copyright 2016 Elena Hunt/Beatrice Ryan Designs.  All of my patterns and posts are my own work. Do not copy them in any way. If you want to share this information with someone, share the link to this post. If you want to share on your own blogwebsite or social media, then you may use the first photo in this post and link back to this post. You may not give away printed copies of this post. Thank you. This post may contain affiliate links/ads. If you purchase something from a link in this post, I may be compensated.

***This pattern was designed in memory of my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb, In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.  If you have the opportunity to donate a  hat from this pattern it would be greatly appreciated!!****


Amazing Grace Free Hat Pattern


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