Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie ~ New Free Crochet Pattern

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie ~ New Free Crochet Pattern

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie

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To Celebrate our Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… Here is my 9th Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern!!

Keeping in the style of the Amazing Grace Stitch Pattern… This hat has added texture and is fun to make using more than one color… The Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb who passed away in 2007 from this unfortunate disease.  Please consider paying it forward to those who are suffering or recovering from cancer by donating items made from my free patterns…


Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie


Yarn ~ 125-150 yards Worsted Weight Yarn (Pictured above in Brown and Cream is Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand Yarn)

Shop for your yarn needs at Michaels Craft Store Online!! Affiliate Link

Although all worsted weight yarn is  graded to be a #4, there is variance between brands… I found Red Heart With Love and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice to be a great weight for this hat and  also soft.  Caron Simply Soft was wonderful for the softness, but made the hat slightly smaller.

Hook ~ I

Scissors and Yarn Needle



St – Stitch     Sl St – Slip Stitch    Ch – Chain     Sc – Single Crochet     HDC – Half Double Crochet     FPSC – Front Post Single Crochet


*Instructions for making this hat in multi-color are noted at the bottom of the page



Begin with a Magic Circle (Video Instructions)

Row 1:  Ch 1 (Does not count as 1st St now and through out), 10 HDC in Magic Ring.  Tighten Ring by pulling on loose tail.  Join with Sl St to  top of 1st HDC. = 10 HDC

Row 2:  Ch 1, 2 HDC in 1st St and 2 HDC in each St around, Join to top of 1st HDC. = 20 HDC

Row 3:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, Hdc in next St,* Around.  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 30 Hdc

Row 4:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 2 Sts.* Around.  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC.  = 40 HDC

Row 5:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 3 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 50 HDC

Row 6:  Ch 1, 1 HDC in each St Around Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. =50 HDC

Row 7:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 4 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 60 HDC

Row 8:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 9 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 66 HDC

Row 9:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 10 Sts* Around  Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. =72 HDC

Row 10:  Ch 1, *2 HDC in 1st St, 1 HDC in next 23 Sts* Around. Join with Sl St to top of 1st HDC. = 75 HDC

Row 11:  Ch 1, Turn, Work FPSC in each St Around. Join to top FPSC. = 75 FPSC

Row 12:  Ch 1 Turn, Sc in each St Around. Join to top Sc. = 75 Sc

Row 13:  Ch 1 Turn, Work FPSC in each St Around. Join to top FPSC. = 75 FPSC

Row 14:  Ch 1 Turn, Sc in 1st St, Ch 2, Sc in same St as beginning Sc, Sk 2 Sts, *(Sc,Ch2,Sc) all in next St, Skip next 2 St* Repeat * * Around. Join to beginning Sc. = 25 Ch 2 spaces.

Row 15:  DO Not Turn, Sl St in 1st Ch 2 Sp, Ch 3(Counts as Dc now and throughout), 2 more Dc in same Ch 2 Sp., *3 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp(Shell made)*, Repeat * * Around, Join to top of beginning ch 3 . =25 Shells made.

Row 16: Do not turn, Sl St in next St(2nd St of Shell from Prev Row), Ch 1, Sc in same St, Ch 2, Sc in same St, Sk 2 Sts, *(Sc,Ch2,Sc) all in the next St, Sk 2 Sts*., Repeat * * Around, Join to beginning Sc. = 25 Ch 2 Sps  *Tip-The  (Sc,Ch2,Sc) are all done in the middle St of the  Dc Shells from the previous row

Row 17: Repeat  Row 15

Row 18:  Do not turn, Sc in each St around. Join to beginning Sc = 75 Sc

Row 19:  Ch 1 Turn, FPSC in each St around, Join to beginning FPSC. = 75 FPSC

Row 20 – 22: Ch 1 Turn, Sc in each St Around. Join to beginning Sc. =75 Sc

Row 23:  Ch 1 Turn, FPSC in each St around. Join to Beginning FPSC.  = 75 FPSC

Finish off and weave in ends.

Congratulations.. You have completed the Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie!

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie solid

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie in Solid

Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie Hats

Stop by the Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Page to see how you can make a difference!! Click here or on the tab at the top of the page


Instructions for Multi-Color Hat

*To make the Taupe and Cream Style Hat on the far left

Main Color : Taupe

Alt. Color: Cream

Rows 1-12 Main Color

Row 13-17  Alt. Color

Row 18-19 Main Color

Row 20-22 Alt. Color

Row 23 Main Color


*To make  just the center a second color like the Blue and White one on the far right

Change to 2nd color for row 13-17, then back to the main color at row 18

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post these patterns and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

Happy Crocheting!!



Throw Back Thursday Crochet… One year ago today!!

Throw Back Thursday Crochet… One year ago today!!

On year ago today I posted about my second True Colors Afghan… You can read the short post Here!  My Grandson still loves his True Colors Afghan which was the first one I made!!


1st True Colors Afghan…

The post goes on to chat about the second one I was getting ready to join… Funny, I put it away and haven’t finished it yet… Do any of you do that… Yep… A year later and it is halfway joined!!  I need to get this great afghan out and finish it up!!!

wpid-img_20130724_132148_431 wpid-img_20130724_132320_701 wpid-img_20130724_132401_196

Here are the squares ready to go… I have started joining them with black yarn… It probably wont take long to finish!!!  Why do we put projects away??


I also posted about finishing up a great hat I was working on Southern and Sassy Summer Hat by ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs… Kathy is currently giving away some of her patterns for free for a short time and this great hat  is one of the hats on the list!!!  Hop over and get the code!!

I did finish this project… Yay, and I loved the way this hat turned out…  What do you think!!


Southern and Sassy Summer Hat…

Well that’s Throw Back Thursday, One year ago today… Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Crocheting!!


Wednesday Crochet Facebook Fan Favorite~Week 41

Alot of great crochet going on!!!  This last week we all fell in love with so many projects.. and this weeks Daily Free Pattern Find from Facebook had a clear winner…  It is from our friend Lorene at Cre8tion Crochet!  Queen Anne’s Lace Headband.. I will be making several of these for my granddaughter and friends too!  Hope you will stop by and check out her website for more great patterns!!  Click Here for this weeks Facebook Fan Favorite!




Next up is our Fan Favorite Round up…

This Round up was a great collection of Free Crochet Patterns using Cotton… It was put together by our friend at String With Style!!!    Tons of great patterns and perfect for this summer… Hop over and take a look… Click here for the Round up!



And personally here at Beatrice Ryan Designs… This weeks most popular pattern was my new Sunshine and Shells Summer Hat Pattern… It is a great summer hat and lots of fun to make…  You can find this pattern and many more in my Free Pattern Tab at the top of the page…

Sunshine and Shells Summer Crochet Hat 2


Next up is a new pattern to be released hopefully next week… Tell me what you think??  I have tons of fun making these quick, fashionable bracelets… Hope you love them…



Have a great week… and Happy Crocheting!!




Charity Crochet for Children!!

I am so excited once again to participate in a charity drive!!!  This month through our ELK Studio From the Heart Group… We are donating to Nationwide Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Unit.  Over the last several months our group has provided hats, scarves and much more to many charities.  This group was established by Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio Crochet Designs.  Each month we have the privilege to donate our handmade items to a designated charity…  If you are interested in joining our monthly charity donation group… Email Kathy at [email protected]!

This month I donated 5 hats… Four of the hats I used a Free Pattern designed by Kathy…It is her Houndstooth Hat Pattern!  Click Here if you would like to get the Free Pattern.  The 5th hat was a prototype I will be releasing this fall…  I reminds me of sherbert!!  I do love making hats… They work up so quickly!!

charity hats

Houndstooth Hats



Sherbert Hat Prototype… What do you think??


Have a great weekend and Happy Crocheting!!


Wednesday Facebook Fan Favorite… Week 37

It has been a busy Crochet Week!!!  I have been having so much fun working on 3 new Free Crochet Patterns... Coming soon will be a Bright Baby Blanket, Crochet Earrings and Cute Crochet Hat!!!  My Facebook page has been busy too,,,  Last weeks Featured Daily Free Pattern Finds and Crochet Pattern Round ups were very popular!!  So lets see what your favorites were!!  These favorites are voted in by your views, comments, likes and shares…So keep up the good work!!


This weeks Facebook Fan Favorite Daily Free Pattern Find is so much fun and was an automatic hit!!  It comes from my friend Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me… Sarah is well-known for her adorable animal hat patterns and other children’s items…  This week I posted her Crochet Daisy Afghan…  What do you think??   Click here for the free pattern!


Crochet Daisy Afghan by Repeat Crafter Me


This weeks Top Free Crochet Pattern Round Up was put together by another good friend… Maria at Pattern Paradise!  This weeks round-up featured spa/facecloth items to crochet for Mother’s Day!!!  Another great group of Free Items to crochet!!!  And,,, it included my Amazing Grace Spa Trio… Click Here to hop over to Pattern Paradise for these great patterns!


Mothers Day Roundup from Pattern Paradise!!


This weeks Fan Favorite for the top post from me here at Beatrice Ryan Designs was once again my Amazing Grace Tote Bag!!!  Several larger crochet sites have been sharing this tote and I am blessed to meet more of you this last week through them!!  Click Here to get my Free Crochet Pattern for the Amazing Grace Tote Bag!

Amazing Grace Tote Bag

Amazing Grace Tote Bag


Happy Crocheting!!




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