How To Add Color To Your Crochet!!!

How To Add Color To Your Crochet!!!

With so many choices of wonderful yarns and colors,,, How do you possibly choose a color theme for your project??  Today I have a few tips to help you out!!

One of the easiest ways I choose colors is by heading to the yarn store and just browsing.  Once I find the type of yarn I want for my project I start lining the different colors up in my shopping cart.  Mixing and matching, changing the order of the skeins until I get something I like!!

2015-09-06 11.58.33These will make a great fall project!!


Another fun idea is to find a picture of something you find visually pleasing…  Then you can match colors up from the picture to inspire your next project!!

IMG_20150601_175434yarnSee what fun you can have??


A very artistic way is to use a color wheel or a website that automatically shows you color combinations… I  have been using one online… Paletton!!  Hop over  and play with it for a bit… They have lots of ways to make great color  choices.  Then you just find the yarn in the same tones and you are set!!




I hope this is helpful and you will have some fun next time your are choosing your yarn!!


Happy Crocheting!!


Summer Crochet Along and Giveaway!!!

Its time for the Lion Brand Summer 2015 Crochet Along that I am hosting over at Lion Brand Yarn’s site… Today I posted Week 1…   The Sabrina Tunic is so cute and I am having a ton of fun working on  it….


To read my post about Yarn, Sizing, Gauge and Getting Started… Click Here!!

Lion Brand Summer CAL


Lion Brand Yarn has been so amazing… They sent me the Yarn Kit to get started… Guess what?? The also sent me one to GIVE AWAY!!!  If you would like a chance to win the M/L Yarn Kit just like mine… Read the following rules carefully… It is short and sweet so I can get the yarn into the mail this  Friday!!!

LB yarn

Give away is for the yarn only and was provided by Lion Brand Yarn.

This Give Away starts tonight, Wednesday July 1st, 2015 at 9:30 pm, EST and will be closed at 9:30 am, EST Friday July 3, 2015.

Each rule must be followed carefully to qualify.  Any participant who does not follow the rules will be disqualified.

1. Leave 1 comment on this post stating your favorite Beatrice Ryan Designs pattern(All choices can be found in the Free Pattern Tab at the top of the page) AND your first name and last name initial.

2. Each person may only enter once. This means only one comment per person.

3. No Negative Comments

4. Winner must email me their mailing address by Sunday, July 5th, 2015 by 8:00 pm EST (hopefully Friday morning so I can  get it in the mail) [email protected]

5. Give away is open to US residents only due to mailing constraints.

Tune back in here Friday morning to see who the winner is!!

Good Luck and Happy Crocheting!!



Are you ready for a fun Crochet Along??

Are you ready for a fun Crochet Along??

I have been keeping a secret!!!  Are you ready??

If you love to crochet and want to have some fun with a great group of yarn-a-holics… Join me in a really fun, summertime Crochet Along…

lion brand logo

Lion Brand Yarn has asked me (wow… double wow) to host a very special Crochet Along for them over on their website… And best of all… YOU GET TO JOIN ME!!!!


Over the next 2 weeks you can vote for one of the four patterns they have selected for us to make this summer…  Then starting later this month they will announce the winning pattern and in July… We will get crocheting…

Once the Lion Brand Yarn Crochet Along has started you will follow along with me on their blog… Don’t worry… I will post the link right here each week!!!  They will have tons of ways for us all to stay connected during this event…

So… Follow the link below to see you choices and get voting!! Also… you can hop over to my Facebook page tonight and let me know which pattern you love!!!  I will have a little fun post dedicated to it each week…

Click Here to see all 4 Crochet Along choices on Lion Brand Yarns website…


Happy Crocheting!!

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