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It’s Almost Done… National Crochet Month & Sunburst Granny!

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I decided to get busy on my Sunburst Granny Square Blanket ..  I’m still not sure of the size I want though, … I now have 45 squares complete and will need somewhere between 48-63 squares to make a nice size blanket!  I am tempted to stop at 48 so I can join them and put an edging on…   I only need 48 to make a twin topper,,, 63 for a queen… Hmmmm!  Well, I will have to decide tonight… I actually could have this beautiful blanket done this weekend if I do 48 squares!




I really have enjoyed making this blanket,,, and for once I am keeping it for myself…YAY!  Hopefully one of my children don’t want to steal it,,, I always give in!



These are a few of my favorite combinations…



This reminds me of my childhood bedroom colors… My Grandmother Beatrice Ryan Ramshaw painted my room purple for me when I was 8 years old… Loved it!  She made a crochet loopy rug in these colors for my floor… I wish I still had it… Maybe I should make a replica!


Don’t forget this is still National Crochet Month… Stretch yourself into learning how to crochet, reading patterns or new stitches!


Here is to finishing projects and National Crochet Month…




  1. Gorgeous almost-blanket! 😉 I love the colors you’ve used! Thanks so much for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!

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