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Who Let the Monster Out… Crochet Crazy!

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Last night when my crochet window of opportunity opened up… (My 2-3 Hour Crochet time…) I sat down once again thinking about what to make…  I realized this weekend was the Blackberry Festival/ Car Show in our little town… And I thought I better get a couple more items in the shop to sell…  Something quick… Ok another owl hat!  Super easy and fun to make…



Toddler Owl Hat…


With some time to spare… I decided to try something a little different… This year I have been noticing Monsters have been very popular… I scanned a few of my favorite sites for ideas and quickly worked one up…



One Eyed Monster…


Like I said yesterday… The Owl Hat Pattern is from Repeat Crafter Me... I love her stuff… And, the Monster Hat was also inspired from her picture of a monster hat… I didn’t follow her pattern,,, I just made up my own… But… It is almost exactly the same… So credit to Repeat Crafter Me for her design ideas!!!!


Lots of fun and I intend to make many more monsters…  Here are a few more pics…








So here is to Monsters… Quick projects and A Holiday Weekend!!!!




  1. I LOVE your Monster! LOL = makes me Happy 😀


  2. I love it! Too cute speedy!

  3. Love these hats! They turned out great. 🙂

  4. Your hats are so FUN and so WANTABLE!!! Thanks for entering the Made It xxx

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